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China PexCrusherMachine forFineCrushing - China Stone

China PexCrusherMachine forFineCrushing - China Stone

Iron ore mining major NMDC has signed a research agreement with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research organization (CSIRO), Australia for research collaboration in the field of complex iron ore processing by energy efficient dry processing techniques

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highend small gold mine combinationcrushersellin Sokoto

highend small gold mine combinationcrushersellin Sokoto

Tb = 1.37*0.02*250*9.81*[16.67+ {2*25+ (416.67/1.5)}*cos (5)] + (20*9.81* (416.67/1.5)) = 77556.88 N.The belt tension while starting the system can be calculated by using the eqn.1.4:Tbs = 1.5 * 77556.88 = 116335.32 NFor calculating the power at drive pulley, we will use the eqn.1.3:Pp = (77556.88*1.5)/ 1000 = 116.335 KwWe will use the eqn.1.5 estimate the size of the motor:Pm = 116.35/0.9 = 129.261 KwWe will use the eqn.1.6 to find out the acceleration of the motor:A = (116335.32 - 77556.88)/ [250*{(2*16.67) + (2*25) + (416.67/1.5)}]= 0.429 m/sec2Lastly, we will use the eqn.1.7 to find out the belt breaking strength:Bs = (15*116.35) / (0.75*1.5) = 1551.33 N/mmThis Bs value is used to select the conveyor belt from the manufacturers catalogue.ConclusionThe conveyor belt calculations methodology discussed in the article is to be used only for the guidance on calculating the initial conveyor design parameters; the final design must be validated by using the FEA or other similar tools before building the prototype.ReferenceDunlop Conveyor belt technique design and calculationBridgestone Conveyor Belt Design Manual

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Once we emerge from the pandemic crisis, however, some believe that we can use this huge repository of metals to shift our attention from mining raw materials from the ground to digging through the urban mine instead. By retrieving the materials hidden inside our old devices, it may be possible to recycle and reuse them in new devices without having to dig up anymore

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